Forum news and comments

Hi Simon, I see the name of the forum is now FP2. Is that intentional? I also tried to reply to your email, but that failed, probably because the address is “no reply.”

Yes, I also want to see the forum expand so we can get more synergy going.

Sorry I think I replied elsewhere regarding this topic, yes it was intentional. MMI Working Group was just an interim name. FP2 doesn’t stand for anything officially, but it’s the domain name this forum is hosted under so I decided to match the forum’s name with the domain name. I hope that’s okay. It doesn’t indicate a shift away from the main purpose of this forum to discuss MMI related topics.

Anyone heard from Jamal recently. I’m starting to get really worried about him.

Yeah I briefly spoke to him yesterday. He says sorry he’s been really tied down with work and been busy to reply. But it seems he’ll be changing jobs soon and we will see him again soon!

Thanks, that’s a relief!