GCP 2.0 Coherence Algorithm

I am excited to see the GCP 2.0 being conducted and very interested in how the measurements and data are collected and how the coherence between the devices is calculated.

I was not able to find any publications on the methodology. Could you maybe reveal a bit more about that @nplonka ?

Great! Check out the last question in our FAQ: https://gcp2.net/rng-network/how-we-do-it

Also, you might read the article by Bancel, Nelson, Journal of Scientific Exploration (2008).

You can also find out more about hosting an RNG on the site, if that interests you.

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GCP mostly use decades old methods of signal processing.
How about to try transfer entropy, or LZ distance between generators?
Possibly, there should be API to try different data processing methods.

Also, Ulf Holmberg has shown, that GCP data could be correlated with financial market movements and Google trends. Which are significantly more defined metrics, than “significant events”.