How I got interested in MMI

Many (many) years ago I saw an article by Helmut Schmidt about how focused intention could affect the timing of nuclear decay. His simple circular array of lights displayed the effects of concentrated effort. I was fascinated how this unseen force could affect physical objects to produce tangible results. For the last 27 years I’ve devoted most of my efforts and resources to making MMI real and useful.
Schmidt pk detector


Hi Scott,
Lovely to see this forum up and running. I’m really looking forward to the exchange of ideas and knowledge here on in.

I found this article that gives a bit of background to Helmut Schmidt and the device pictured above:

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I can only imagine how amazing it must have felt to participate in this experiment when it first was done. Thanks for sharing Scott! I really look forward to what we can all do on this forum together.

I’m interested if your invention of the pulse oximeter had anything to do with your interest in MMI?

I invented the pulse oximeter in 1975, while trying to develop a wearable pulse rate monitor. Such a thing didn’t exist then. I guess a lot of inventions come out of trying to do something else.

My interest in MMI developed after the oximeter company was sold in 1984. I don’t remember exactly when, but around the early '90s. I had been pursuing mystical studies for over 20 years by then, and I was already interested in consciousness, mind and mental capabilities. Interestingly, when I tried to find a random number generator to connect to my Apple computer to do some initial testing, I found there wasn’t one available. So, I invented true random number generators for use with personal computers. The first version provided about 1Kbps. The latest commercial versions generate 128Mbps without post processing, with laboratory and MMI versions up to about 2Tbps (a billion to one increase in speed!). The impetus for the RNG development was always my interest in MMI.