Influencing quantum randomness, without MMI

They do this by injecting a laser pulse into a physical material where it interacts with the quantum vacuum, thus shifting the probability of emitted photons in a predictable way. Perhaps when we influence the probability of a random measurement, we are also somehow interacting with the quantum vacuum to shift the probability. The quantum vacuum is very interesting because it contains “virtual” particle pairs that pop in and out of existence so fast they fall through the cracks of the uncertainty principle. We cannot observe them directly, but they have a profound effect on the physics of our objective reality. See: Quantum fluctuation - Wikipedia.

I am working on a detector that may be able to observe the propagation of waves of influence mediated by virtual energies in the quantum vacuum. I expect it would also be responsive to mental influence, and may be able to make 3D measurements of the effect as well – at least that is the goal.


That article is completely misguided. It isn’t anything, what resemble MMI in somehow direct way.
Their breakthrough is about development of QRNG with precisely controlled bias and distribution. Cool enough, but completely different matter.