I bought a new domain name to link to the landing page for this forum:


Hopefully this will improve our search-hit results.

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Thanks, this is a very good idea.
I registered four domains along the same lines:
mmiforum.org (to more broadly reserve the domain)

If you email me with some instructions, I can redirect these domains to the landing page.

Thank you.

For all 4 domains could you please just change the DNS A record (usually named with an A and then @) to point to the IP address:

Then it should all direct to mindmatterinteraction.net

It seems all these domains are now directed to the forum landing page, but that only happens when using the entire domain name(s). I’m only generally knowledgeable in IT – I wonder now how to use these domains (or other methods) to get organic searches to find the forum.

I’ve never had this much trouble getting Google to pick up a site. I just had a spontaneous thought to try searching on Bing (Microsoft’s search enginer) and “mmi forum” yields us as the top hit. Seems weird.


Finally Google’s search seems to be picking up the forum.