On the quatumness of brains


It may take years to confirm and understand, but it could be a giant leap toward understanding how mind can “influence” things at a distance, i.e., MMI.

Indeed. Penrose et al’s research with microtubules is interesting and has both its supporters and critics. But I see this is just the beginning of such research. Granted, the idea of MMI probably isn’t even registered in most researchers’ minds but it’s interesting to follow :wink:

We make meaningful a sea of energy to perceive what we term reality. This perception is an inflow and is used as feedback for our interaction with this energy. It makes sense that if we have such a sophisticated ability to inflow and perceive we should have the ability to equally outflow directly with that see of energy. I believe our limiting factor is the erroneous belief that our outflow is limited by the limitation of an organic body. Let’s get out of our body and influence the quantum realm.

I think, that body doesn’t limit us, but extend our abilities. It’s our lens, our focus, our castle.
Despite vast possibilities of world of spirits, it isn’t environment, which is easy to navigate and operate. Otherwise, MMI interfaces would be far easier to develop.