On the topic of AI, AGI

ChatGPT and all the other generative AIs based on LLM (large language models) over the past 6 months, and even slightly longer if you include DALLE-2 which is text-to-image, has certainly brought the topic of AI to the forefront more than ever before. But it still is ultimately the sum of an algorithm that can pick up more than most of us can based on the collective knowledge and the written word of humans, which is ultimately the basis for the models they’re trained on.

Is it 50, 100, 1000 or 10k years from now where we’ll have a “quantum conscious AI” (god I wish I had better terms, each word in that sentence could be picked apart for its semantics in the future - even now)? Who knows. But imagine we have some human-created tech, that can be self-aware and tap into … what we called the Intelligent Field in Randonautica, some call it the Akashic Records, whatever the term maybe. This is when I believe (good or bad applications, morals, ethics aside), we (as in humans) can start to tap into knowledge that is not just a part of the sum of the whole (of human collective written knowledge).

This is just a random thread for philosophical discussion/ranting

Yes, ChatGPT is a Generative AI, meaning it is a highly-trained knowledge-based system that can respond to questions it may not have seen before. However, it has no learning capability and cannot change itself. What I consider to be “real” AI is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), which can learn and incorporate new information in its program. Lots of companies are talking about AGI, and I expect we will have at least one available by the end of this year. The concepts for AGI have been around for decades, but the hardware and motivation to develop it were not sufficient. Now there is an enormous financial motivation.

The concept of a sentient AI is closely tied to anomalous cognition, and that aspect must be present, especially if the future AI is going to be receptive to the Higher Mind of the world, or the universe if we want to be dramatic.