Opening the forum

I’m not sure if the forum software I use supports it, but assuming there’s a way, what’s everyone’s opinions on opening up the content of this forum to the public via search engines?

I think we could still require users to create an account to post or comment, but maybe we could increase exposure by making our wealth of content here indexable.

Ultimately I’d want Scott to way in on this decision the most.

My intention for the forum is to share A.C.E. and MMI content with everyone who is interested, and to provide a safe place to propose and discuss related ideas and to interact on specific projects.

I am in favor is opening our extensive and in-depth content to a wider audience. It’s necessary to require creating an account to post or comment, otherwise there would be no way to remove the trolls who only detract from a discussion.

Thank you for the suggestion – I think we can try indexing and other approaches and see how they work out.

Any additional suggestions are welcome.

I figured out how to do it and submitted the sitemap to Google. The content should be popping up in their index shortly I think.

crossposting to /r/mmi might spread the info to a wider audience and would be good for SEO

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Hi Joshua, thanks for your suggestion.

I checked the r/mmi forum. The forum still exists, but the handful of posts were at the same time 3 years ago. It appears they weren’t successful in creating the content necessary to gain ongoing interest.

yes, but we didnt try very hard. if we crossposted info from here to there regularly it would snowball via the algo. there are also little tricks i have up my sleeve to increase engagement, like crossposting posts from /r/mmi to other fringe subreddits, so users see the link but the link directly links to MMI. it wouldnt take much work, i’ll do what i can. Especially some of your posts that are basically papers or became papers. People will like those.

as far as twitter (x) there is a small audience of people interested in psi and mmi, I suggest sharing info with the tags #mmi #psi and #fp2

here is an example of a good funnel towards the MMI subreddit with decent engagement after a few minutes. Ideally, one would post links directly from here to the mmi subreddit, instead of the above example of it linking to the MMI subreddit but to an article, but I don’t want a flood of redditors with no sincere self direction to join. The curious ones are who we want, and they will easily find it.

When you say, “cross post,” do you mean posting a link or the actual content?

I have no problem trying an experiment. I wouldn’t mind sharing a half-dozen articles to see what happens. You are welcome to select a number of specific articles you think would be most interesting from our forum, my LinkedIn page or the CoreInvention website.

A cross post is an article or post that was originally posted on, for instance, /r/MMI. You then “share” it by crossposing to another community, where it shows up as a post in that community and when the user clicks the link it takes them to the /r/MMI subreddit.

It didn’t take very long for this thread to show up as the fifth google result for “reddit mind matter interaction,” even though the subreddit has less than 100 members.

Thank you for your permission, I will try it out and see what happens. Consistency is really key here, if we continue doing this I have no doubt we will see high ranking google results. But that is a double edged sword because its useful to strike a balance between consumers/observers and developers. Too many gawkers, and people won’t feel like posting their research, not enough developers, and there is no content for casual viewers to consume.

Three years ago there wasnt a ton of info here to link to, now I would say there is a veritable treasure trove, so I’ll continue the experiment.

From my brief observation it seems that including MMI (and probably eventually A.C.E.) and Mind Matter Interaction, and I assume FP2 in the title seems to help google rank the page high in the rankings

From my small experiment, it looks like we went from I think it was like 68 subscribers to double that. So we have one anecdote that crossposting information from here to relevant subreddits indeed grows the /r/mmi subreddit and creates engagement, lots of people were very interested and positive. I will continue the experiment this weekend.

One thing I learned about online articles is that including an interesting and preferably relevant picture with a post can double or triple the number of views.