Proposal for a Training Curriculum

I would like to propose a training curriculum for development of the Mind over Matter capacity

The curriculum would be focused on preparing for Telekinesis, both Macro and Micro

1 - The Development of Thought Observation, Maintanance of a single train of thoughts, Maintanance of a Clear Mind

2 - The Development of Clairvoyance

3 - The Development of Prophantasia

4 - The Development of Telekinesis

I would propose that this is the order of the most basic faculty to the most complex, and that they would build on each other to create the capacity to influence matter at will.

The discipline of thoughts develops the capacity to control attention, and attention is always followed by energy, with Clairvoyance and Prophantasia we can direct that energy more efficiently, and lastly, we train the Telekinesis by itself.