Quantum Numbers Corporation

I just came across this company and their QRNGs and haven’t yet read up in detail.
Just posting it for reference meanwhile.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. There are usually about 5 inventions per year showing the first, the newest or the best quantum random generator ever. Quantum tunneling is the basis of the quantum entropy component of all my generators for about 15 years.

I looked into this and I don’t see they are actually selling a product. Nor does their whitepaper describe any product details except rather exaggerated claims of performance. I expect it’s just a promotional piece to get investment, and no one can actually buy a generator.

Indeed there doesn’t even seem to be a buy link anywhere…

Overall it comes across as a lot of promotional wording touting new things when you’ve been applying the same principles for a long time already.

I did find what they call a whitepaper and datasheet but there’s not a lot of substance;