Quantum Vacuum Wave Detection

I was looking at a couple of old projects, including a microwave random generator and a primitive beginning at building a directional detector for anomalous cognition. As described in the article, The Speed of Thought: Investigation of a Complex Space-Time Metric to Describe Psychic Phenomena (Speed ot Thought), and what is obvious from relativity theory, being able to receive, detect or obtain information about future events (that is not knowable from current conditions) is automatically faster than light communication. I propose the idea of quantum vacuum waves because the quantum vacuum is “virtual” in the sense it is not normally manifest in physical form, but it has real, measurable effects. See the Casimir effect and all types of forces between atoms and molecules. Because it is not physical in the common definition, related effects may not be limited by the speed of light, though this is purely speculation.

This image shows the generator, amplifiers and A/D convertor from 18 years ago. ND1 is a microwave noise diode and the two “+” shaped devices, U1 and U2 are MMIC ( Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) amplifiers, finally feeding an A/D converter U3. The analog part operated up to several GHz, but the A/D was probably only 100MHz or so. For scale, the shield solder pad is about 0.5" left to right across the outer edges.

This board contains 6-100KHz generators (7 years ago). The amplifiers are instrumentation amplifiers with sufficient common-mode rejection to allow operation without shielding.

This is a closeup of one generator showing the “antenna,” which is a pair of small surface mount resistors on the left side. The length to width ratio is about 4:1, not necessarily optimum, but functional. The subsequent circuitry includes a combiner and a 60Hz notch filter to allow operation from near DC up to 100KHz. A more advanced design would use quantum shot noise from reverse breakdown of the base-emitter junctions of RF transistors (Vbeo below about 5-6V for mostly quantum shot noise). This allows much higher frequency (up to multi-GHz if necessary) and quantum noise detection.

Whether or not it detects “quantum vacuum waves,” which is only a theory, it will still detect an effect of mind, whatever quantum – or other – effect that may be.

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I also came across this paper on a 100 Gbps QRNG.

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Thanks for the article. One should be cautious with the exaggerated claims made in many recent papers. I see they have fudged both the speed and the quality of their “new, faster and better” generator. It’s 50 year old tech, but with faster devices. The fact they had a problem with classical noise mixed with photon shot noise (the quantum component) means they didn’t adjust signal levels properly and the detector circuits were too noisy. These are not fundamental, but rather engineering issues.

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