Roadmap for Developing Next Generation A.C.E and MMI Systems

I wanted to start a new thread to provide details and specific plans for designing and implementing much more advanced anomalous cognition and anomalous effects (A.C.E.) or mind-matter interaction (MMI) systems and real-world applications. The linked paper is one in a series that give more fundamental information about this process:

This paper is intensely technical – the best I can do to simplify my technical writing style. I will be happy to explain anything that is not clear to those interested. Also, I consider this to be a draft, so don’t be shy about giving feedback, which I would really appreciate.

Thanks for the papers as always Scott. I’ll go over it.

I see you’ve referenced L. Pederzoli, W. Giroldini, et al from Evan Labs in Italy. I believe I mentioned my discovery of them a long time ago on here in another thread. I was wondering if you’d already been familiar with their work, and if you’re in contact with them?

If not I thought I’d reach out and invite them to this forum.

I have known of that particular paper for some time, but I have not been in touch with the authors.

I think it’s probably good to invite anyone you think will be genuinely interested and could contribute.

Here is another paper in the Roadmap series.
Glossary of Terms used in Anomalous Cognition, Anomalous Effects and Mind-Matter Interaction.
Updated edition with more definitions June 12.

Any comments, questions or feedback is welcome as always.

Another paper in the Roadmap series.
Comparison Testing Protocol for Anomalous Cognition or Effects and Mind-Matter Interaction

This is an amazing index/glossary of all the terms. I had to share it with the world so I tweeted it here:

Although I’m still well behind in my math, I’m going to try and go over the actual juiciness of the thread and the papers :slight_smile:

Here is another major paper in the Roadmap series.
Advanced Processing Methods for Increased Effect Size in Anomalous Cognition, Anomalous Effects and Mind-Matter Interaction

An A.C.E. Roadmap supporting paper describing power filtering for low-noise circuits. This is especially important for MMI generators that typically need high gain and cannot tolerate outside noise sources.

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